Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy to Heal Your Life

Time Line therapy is a process of creative imaginative to allow the release of negative emotions, phobias and limiting beliefs as well as set goals for the future.

How would you like to remove eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs to enable you to move forward with your life?


Benefits of using Time Line Therapy

  1. Eliminates anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, anxiety, phobias and limiting beliefs.
  2. Used in the pain paradigm and forensic regression.
  3. Works very quickly.
  4. Has applications for therapy and in personal use.
  5. Is very useful in goal setting, making the right decisions and getting what you really want.
  6. Operates on the structure of memories not the content memories.
  7. Recovers memory.
  8. Restructures significant emotional events.
  9. Movement toward empowerment and self-responsibility for actions.

What to expect

Typically a client will sit in a comfortable chair near the therapist and use their creative imagination to clear past, unpleasant experiences with guidance. It may take a few days for all of the learnings from the session to integrate and allow the client to feel more grounded and at ease in their own body.

Book a therapy session that can be done by phone or in person.

2.25 hours Time Line Therapy Session only $375


I had never really heard about timeline therapy. Releasing old and negative emotions was the most relaxing and non-invasive way to have therapy. GayeLouise is a patient teacher, exuding warmth. I found it easy to trust GayeLouise in working with me, my emotions and my life to move to a more positive and lighter state.

- Di Walker

The process was incredibly powerful. The simple technique of removing emotions such as anger and sadness has left me feeling at peace. I was very surprised at how easy it can be! What was also amazing is how these emotions can come from a time before your are born! Quite a powerful revelation.

- Mia Webster