(B. Ed., Gr. Dip. [Res. T.], Dip. T., Cert. IV T.A.E.).

Would you like to rediscover the Art of Teaching, learn how to command respect, gain attention and communicate effectively?


This book shows you how to become an excellent teacher. Does this sound hard to believe? Follow the strategies presented in this book, adapt them to suit your individual needs and make sure you have the right attitude. Are you ready to take CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE?


This self-help manual will empower you to create the results you desire in your teaching career and with your students!


You will discover how easy it is to:

  • Have more fun at school
  • Master your emotions
  • Learn more effective teaching strategies
  • Develop greater rapport
  • Use effective behavior management strategies
  • Cater for a range of learning styles and for student with special needs
  • Learn to use a tool which assists with mastering spelling
  • Foster beliefs which promote learning
  • Access and use a wide range of scripts which promotes the use of effective language
  • Become more aware of how students learn and use that knowledge to teach students




Great work. What a good resource.” Gina Mollicone-Long, Best selling author and Creator of GreatnessU.

“At last, a comprehensive guide on NLP techniques specially dedicated to teachers to empower their students and the learning process. In “NLP ESSENTIALS FOR TEACHERS: THE ART OF ENCOURAGING EXCELLENCE IN YOUR STUDENTS”, Gaye O’Brien shares with you powerful and effective techniques that will transform your teaching experience. You and your students will both be richly rewarded.”-Dr Olivier J. Becherel, senior scientist, Trainer of NLP, Speaker and Author of “Farewell to Anxiety” and “The Missing Guide for Students”.


“This book has the potential to change your life! It will assist you to become a better teacher.  Gaye’s book delivers on practical knowledge and skills to promote success in the classroom for pre-service and experienced teachers.” Bill Blayney, Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education.


“This is a very thought provoking book that will provide educators with a veteran teacher’s perspective, as well as classroom strategies and techniques that have been tried and proven to be effective. There have been many times when I have said, yes! That makes perfect sense…. I couldn’t or…. If only all educators understood this…” Anneda Nettleton, editor and Teacher.


“Here is a simple, practical manual which combines a brief summary of NLP programs and their creators along with sensible advice to any teacher, whether beginning or experienced, as to how to get the best out of their students and promote learning.” Glenis Cumming, English Teacher

“Gaye O’Brien comes from a deep personal experience with NLP and teaching. In NLP ESSENTIALS FOR TEACHERS: THE ART OF ENCOURAGING EXCELLENCE IN YOUR STUDENTS, she offers a creative and practical roadmap for creating a class room environment where excellent teaching and learning can take place. I urge anyone who wants to move to the next level in teaching to read this book.” Charlotte Hilding, Unstoppable Living.


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The Adventures in Manifesting books – Passion and Purpose, Love and Oneness, Healing from Within, Success and Spirituality, and Health and Happiness – peel back the layers of the human spirit to uncover unique, exquisite beauty and unlimited potential. With contributions from writers in over 12 countries, including thought leaders, bestselling authors and luminaries, each story will take you into a world of inspiration for your soul to resonate with.


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