Teacher Excellence Program 6 Module


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Teacher excellence programs and coaching are designed to revitalise and reenergise you and assist you to contribute more positively to the school community.

GayeLouise O’Brien is pictured here with student teacher after having a workshop with them.

The facilitator of Teacher Excellence Programs and Coaching, GayeLouise O’Brien, with her years of teaching, combined with the experience and knowledge that she has built in her coaching, consulting and transformative practice, is in a unique position to help teachers gain new perspective and great rapport with their diverse range of students, understand how they learn, implement effective teaching and learning strategies and create a learning environment that allows students to explore and grow.

Teacher Excellence Programs and Coaching help to:

  • Get to know students better and how they learn according to their preferred learning styles
  • Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning strategies
  • Create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments
  • Participate in professional learning
  • Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community.

Teacher Excellence Coaching Program includes four coaching sessions with handouts and module to complete beforehand and book by GayeLouise O’Brien “NLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art of Encouraging Excellence in Your Students”

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