Getting into Flow Workshop




Getting Into Flow

Being in flow encourages leading the life meant to be led and the following of a personal path, that provides more energy, radiance and sharpness of thought.


Getting Into Flow Workshop
Become more in synergy and flow with yourself, staff, clients, partners, vendors and the wider community.
This 2 hour, interactive workshop is designed to help you discover more about your individual operating style, to help you to function more effectively in groups. Learn how you can give more value and leverage to improve team outcomes, by supporting strengths and talents, foster greater trust and build on areas of individual challenge. Profile test included.
Investment of $220 for the workshop and Talent Dynamics Profile.
These programs will be tailored to meet your individual organisational needs. Contact GayeLouise O’Brien at New Life Solutions for further information and pricing.



From this workshop I have learned much about myself and how I can reach my goals and potential. I liked being with like-minded people and opening myself to other routines and possibilities as inspired by others.

- Lyn Petersen, Emu Park

It was really good for giving me a different perspective on the way I think. It was good that it was informative and gave us tools to change our way of thinking. I liked that it was a small group setting so there was plenty of one-on-one.

- Glenda Sweet, Cabara.

Creates more awareness for yourself about what is holding you back and see them not so much as a negative, bad thing. Allows you to see and think in a different, more positive way. The ‘My life is ideal’ exercise gives you more personal perspective – I enjoyed that and was interested in the result. I definitely would recommend this workshop to my friends and work colleagues!

- Mary-Anne Coman, Rockhampton

I liked the fact that it was a small group environment, all women and it was a comfortable, welcoming environment. I like the idea of having a list of things to be achieved each day, also the idea of feelings of gratitude and meditation. I think it is a great idea to set out all the outcomes I would like to achieve, then to go through and pick the ones which are the most important, then to break down the steps I need to take in order to achieve these steps.” Liz Stanley, Rockhampton.

“I enjoyed the more intimate style workshop where there is a more close-knit environment for sharing. The step-by-step process created an awareness within me about using a system of writing down any thoughts, out of my head and onto paper where I can get a clearer picture of what my goals are. I also use of a system of writing down a list of each for the things I need to do to help me achieve and what I need to clarify. The workshop has been very helpful to me.

- Leanne Boreham, Yeppoon

Listening to one another’s stories. Knowing we are all the same in our hearts. I would like more information on training programs available to further my knowledge. Yes! Great way to begin an understanding of ourselves and why are are in state of being where we are at – Also a way to start changing our situation if not content! Sure.

- Kaye Linney, Yeppoon

“Thought it worked well for a us with a relatively new team mix and gave us permission and a basis for continuing conversations. Thought your explanations were good and kind and clear and the crew responded very well to your style.”

- Denise Christensen, Partner Keppel Dental.

Discover with the Talent Dynamics Profile:
Further awareness of your individual operating style.
An understanding of trust and flow and how to leverage value effectively to increase productivity.
How to get the best out of yourself in different situations.
The path of least resistance in your current role.
A higher sense of self awareness in understanding the potential impact you may have on others.
The best accountabilities or roles to take on in a team to allow you to produce the best results.
A personal development plan to improve your current performance levels around your natural talents.
A deeper understanding of you at your best and at your worst.

“The Talent Dynamics Test is the most modern one of four top tests in the world that helps you to discover your individual profile. Take the talent Dynamics Test to find your flow and talents and to create more effective teamwork. Discover which of the eight paths provides your natural resonance.”