Media Kit Intro for GayeLouise O’Brien

GayeLouise O’Brien is an Internationally recognised Transformational Leader & Workshop Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, Passion IgnitorBreakthrough Specialist, Peak Performance, Business & Executive Coach,  NLP Corporate Trainer, Hypnotherapist, and  Time Line Therapist. As a catalyst for transformational change,  and visionary entrepreneur, GayeLouise shares her insights with a range of media outlets in an inspirational, educational and entertaining way.

She has given extensive interviews and written for many magazines in the USA, Canada and Australia on a variety of topics including NLP, education for young children and self management techniques. She has also participated in online events. GayeLouise O’Brien gives her audiences useful tips that they can immediately apply to transform their lives. She inspires her listeners and readers to navigate a pathway toward their aspirations and true purpose and show their magnificent selves to the world.

gayelouise o'brien

Media credentials

As a streetwise, versatile and veteran Educator with 25 years experience who worked extensively with dysfunctional and disadvantaged youths, GayeLouise O’Brien has empowered ordinary people to take leadership of their lives.

She has written the international best-selling book, NLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art Of Encouraging Excellence In Your Students.  GayeLouise O’Brien has also featured in the best-selling series, Adventures in Manifesting: Healing From Within. She is also the author of  SUPER Inner Success: 5 Keys to Finding Your Flow Homeplay modules,  an online program.

GayeLouise O’Brien has hosted the radio show, Passionate About Possibilities, where she interviews thought leaders around the globe on a range of social, health, workplace and environmental issues to assist with co-creating a more enlightened world. Her guests are community members who have made significant contributions both locally and globally. Her guests share their journey about their pathway to success. They give insights and solutions that you can use in your own business or life.

Media Availability

Travel Australia Wide or International by arrangement, or speak via Skype, Zoom or phone.