Loving Life

Loving Life – A Transformational Workshop

Loving Life – A Transformational Workshop is designed to assist you to move toward what you really want. Isn’t it time to make the most of now, and stop regretting the past and fearing what may lie ahead of you? Have you ceased to dream about the future, like many other people, and stopped believing that you can have what you want?

Loving Life – A Transformational Workshop  investment in your future today only $247! Two texts, an activity booklet  and half hour coaching session included.

When your desires are

Appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.

Napoleon Hill Author of “Think And Grow Rich”

Loving Life a workshop to help you get what you want

How would you feel knowing that where ever you go or whatever you do, you have the necessary skills and techniques to make the most of any situation?

Everyone wants to achieve their goals and we all have the best intentions. It seems that life gets in the way. Daily distractions and our own unconscious mind holds us back.

Participants in this one day Loving Life program will have the opportunity to see what they can achieve, when they learn the necessary skills that will enable to master their mindset and set achievable goals.

The Loving Life workshop will examine techniques in a step-by-step process that you will be able to take away and use to help you achieve success in your endeavours.

Loving Life one-day workshop will explore how to:

  • Master limiting beliefs and negative emotions, to be able to focus on what you want
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Develop Empowering beliefs
  • Utilize values and be aware of how they influence us


Loving Life Workshop will help you to discover the following techniques: 

  • Visualization
  • Anchoring
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Reframing and using effective language patterns to establish rapport
  • Values alignment


oday I found inspiring. I am excited about the changes I will achieve in order to improve and fulfil my life’s desires. I have a positive outlook on all the issues that have affected me negatively. I have learned my lessons and acknowledge the warnings and now it is time to shine and move forward gracefully. I know and feel that what I what, need and desire will present itself in my life very soon, because I deserve it.

- Michelle Kraatz, Rockhampton

GayeLouise , First of all thank you so much for this experience today.  I was looking forward to meeting you and have found you to be an extremely warm and welcoming person.  Today has helped me to just accept what is happening in my life, to allow it to happen.  It has helped me to look forward to setting realistic goals and work towards my future.  I look forward to meeting with you again to learn the skills to release my negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

- Lindy Doronoski, Rockhampton

This course has made me realise how my existing values and beliefs affect my life. Today GayeLouise has helped me recognise my values and how it affects the relationship I hold with people. Additionally how the beliefs and feelings of unworthiness actually have an impact on my health and well being. The timeline therapy was incredibly powerful. The simple technique of removing emotions such as anger and sadness has left me feeling at peace. I was very surprised at how easy it can be! What was also amazing is how these emotions can come from a time before your are born! Quite a powerful revelation.

- Mia Webster, Rockhampton

This is an opportunity to reflect and take stock of what is possible. Development of a process to work on life goals. Opportunity to refine planning processes in a systematic way. Knowledge of thinking processes.

- Brenda Barry, Yeppoon

I am able to focus on what I want for my life and now I can begin to get there. I have realised what has been holding me back – or – what I have been using as an excuse. I have gained skills in realising what I want and how to get it.

- Kayleen Clark, Rockhampton

One Day Course is an opportunity to reflect on what you want to achieve in your life and explore possible self imposed limitations that may be preventing you from your achievements.

- Le-Ann Lovegrove, Yeppoon