Language Power For Influence And Persuasion

The language power we use and the intent behind it can make or break a situation or event.

When we communicate through language listeners gets a picture in their mind about what they think we are saying based on their previous experience, level of understanding of the topic, how they are feeling etc. If we give very clear indications of what we like, want, need or do, the listeners will form a positive image in their minds of the current subject. This information will help listeners move forward into their own dynamic futures.

If however we say that we don’t like or want this or that, listeners are left to make a choice. They can either tell their own “war stories” about their bad experiences that will thus lower their moods and energy levels, vacant the scene or attempt to move the topic to one that inspires them to move their lives to a place that serves them. The other thing they could do to enhance the situation is do a reframe. They could ask the original speaker what he or she could do to improve the situation and what could be learnt from the bad experience. Reframes are very healing as they give the listener and participant an opportunity to change their situation or position for the better by giving them hope and choices.

Action step – Reframe a current challenging situation you are facing and list at least three benefits using language power.