Keeping New Year Resolutions

Everyone likes to start off the New Year on a high note with great hopes of achieving their goals for the coming year, however keeping New Year Resolutions is not always easy.

What happens then and why do so many people stall or give up on their goals so early in the New Year?

One reason for this is that some people may not choose goals that they really want. They need to believe that the goal will improve their life to a great degree and also acknowledge that they are prepared to take action toward the successful completion of it, regardless of the effort required.

Another reason is that many people don’t have the knowledge, skills or support required to actually achieve the goal. If you are really serious about getting your desired outcome, get a mentor or coach that will cheer for you all along the way and hold you accountable. Also avoid sharing your goals with people who may shatter your confidence in your ability to achieve your New Year resolutions or who will worry that you will fail.

Keeping New Year Resolutions Top Tips

  1. Begin with the end in mind by establishing your clearly defined outcome. You may start with a list of possible outcomes and then choice the best option.
  2. Research and gather the necessary resources for success. What new skills do you need to acquire or what people do you need to reach out to? What obstacles will need to be overcome?
  3. Set your goal for yourself only, and keep it really specific. Make it realistic and do-able, and written as if the future is happening now. For example you might say, “It is now June 30 and I am so excited and grateful that I have lost 10lbs.”
  4. Report the progressive steps toward your goal weekly, to another person that you trust, such as an accountability partner, coach or friend who is where you want to be. Your new goal is like a tiny plant that requires the right nourishment to thrive.
  5. Practice mindset strategies to condition your mind to accept your new thoughts and beliefs, as being where you really are right now. Over time it will then stop challenging them and instead work toward making your dreams a reality.
  6. Affirm the goals daily before rising either as a power word, phrase or sentence.
  7. Visualize your completed goals to consolidate desire, expectancy, belief and positive attitude in the mind.
  8. Practice daily relaxation, meditation or physical exercise to keep stress in perspective.
  9. Feel excited about achieving your goal and allow yourself to have it.
  10. Be responsible, courageous, focused and persistent until the result is achieved. Manage overwhelm by concentrating on the most important tasks at hand.
  11. Be flexible and open to change. Reflect on what worked and didn’t work today, in order to make any adjustments tomorrow.
  12. Focus your purpose beyond yourself. Help others to succeed.

Go forth and achieve your goals, plan carefully, control your thoughts and believe you are worthy of having a wonderful life!

Keeping New Year Resolutions Action Step
What are you currently doing to ensure you achieve the goals you have decided to set? What can you do to make sure you actually get what you want and stay in line with keeping your New Year resolutions.