Increase Happiness With 11 Effective Strategies

Increase happiness by looking beyond the imperfections. Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect.

Everybody wants a great life. Right? The question is how do we do that? Obviously it in not well known how to be happy as depression is actually in epidemic proportions in our society today, despite the fact that we have the highest standard of living ever!

Some people might also argue that they have no control over their lives, so its okay to not take personal responsibility for their feelings, and to just move along with no real plan in place. More and more people though are searching for ways to enhance their quality of life, grow their self-confidence, feel more comfortable in their bodies and minds, connect more fully with others and develop their potential.

Creating a fulfilling and rich life is the way to become happy, focused, courageous and energetic. Happy people also tend to work more effectively with other in society and so are able to co-create better outcomes with many people to increase happiness.

Increase happiness in 11 great ways

1. Develop the belief that I can create a great life for myself and my family and then taking the necessary action to pursue that.

2. Relish joyful experiences in the present moment, paying attention to detail and allowing a feeling of joy to be daily a part of my life. Immerse myself in nature, music, literature, visual arts, my passions etc.

3. Learn to master my emotions on a daily basis by getting to know myself, establishing my boundaries with others and practicing non-violent communication techniques in times of potential conflict.

4. Listen to what my body needs in terms of exercise and use deep breathing to relax the body and mind, consume wholesome foods, drink sufficient water for good health and get adequate sleep.

5. Transform pain and suffering and reframe blame, complaints, and victimhood by learning from the experiences, seeing the gifts and blessing in them and refocusing on the goodness of life.

6. Believe in the preciousness of all life and practice a deep sense of compassion in sharing with others, being generous, kind and forgiving, listening to others, being of service and encouraging others to develop their capacities.

7. Practice daily social, health and spiritual rituals such as attending to the needs of others, partaking in healthy pursuits and doing prayer or mediation to grow mindfulness and gratitude for living.

8. Replace contracted feelings of being of coldhearted, scattered, ungrateful, unloved, overwhelmed, disconnected, uninspired, and having meaningless and purposelessness in life, with expanded feelings of connection, flow, vitality, ease, wellbeing, optimism, commitment and acceptance.

9. Train the brain to replace recurring painful memories of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, regret, shame and guilt with pleasant memories of love, peace and acceptance.

10. Visualize the future concentrating on what you want to happen rather than perpetuating a pattern of being anxious about the future.

11. Seek out mentors that will steer me in the path of growing the necessary skills and attitudes to plan and implement my lifestyle.

Imagine a society where these measures are wholeheartedly adopted and where people work together for the betterment of themselves and those around them! Together we will have greater strength and unity to solve today’s many challenges once we have discovered how to increase happiness.