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Success stress is using stress for success to create the lifestyle you desire. Success Stress: A Definition Stress is an inability to adapt to your ever-changing environment and to react to the stimuli or events around you. Distress is extreme stress, great pain, anxiety, or sorrow; acu... [...]

Resiliency is a great attribute to have in order to secure a great lifestyle. Resiliency: A Definition Resiliency is the art of bouncing back from adversity, responding flexibly to and accepting an unexpected new reality, believing in a positive outcome, considering possible actions or ... [...]

Secondary gain looks at the negative benefits of a situation. Secondary Gain: A Definition When looking at healing or transforming your life, it is useful to examine why your life is the way that it is and what is keeping it that way is often called the secondary gain. What are the b... [...]

Values are the things we treasure in life. We never go against them so understanding what our values are and working with them is very useful if we want to transform our lives. They are the intangible things that control our lives. They include feelings and experiences such as integrity, honesty,... [...]

Developing potential is important and it enables you to on stay on track with your true purpose. To do that is it necessary to get to know yourself and then stay focused on your goals. Develop a plan, challenge yourself, and seek connections with like-minded positive people. Remember the fun is i... [...]

Align thoughts feelings actions to truly stay in integrity with yourself. Your thoughts, feelings and actions need to be congruent to remain healthy and achieve success in life. What you feel, think and do need to be one and the same. Once you develop this habit, you will feel better about yourse... [...]

The language power we use and the intent behind it can make or break a situation or event. When we communicate through language listeners gets a picture in their mind about what they think we are saying based on their previous experience, level of understanding of the topic, how they are feeling ... [...]

Obviously to get the results you want a positive attitude is very helpful. But how do we stay positive? It is very important to manage mind attitude from negative influences such as the news media and your environment. Manage mind attitude as this is designed to protect you from danger, not to ma... [...]

Begin this year by taking responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and actions so that the effect is what you want, instead of what you don’t want. Be at cause and don’t play the victim. Cause effect are two different sides ... [...]

Beliefs are intangible things that are unconsciously accepted as being true.If you desire to make some changes to your life, a good place to start is by observing your beliefsBeliefs. Begin by questioning at least some of them. Beliefs are strongly attached to emotions including positive ones suc... [...]