6 Unbalancing Behaviors

6 Unbalancing behaviors that need some reflection and change in ways of doing things.

6 Unbalancing behaviors that are a wake up call to make positive changes to your life

1. Feeling sorry for yourself rather than making use of feedback, to learn and create a better future for yourself and others, is ineffective. Complaining and disempowering body language saps the energy of others as well as yourself and robs you of the ability to create rapport, network with others and take advantage of opportunities.

2. Think it’s all about you instead of recognizing that the way people behave is a reflection on them, not you. Perhaps they are seeing in you the things they cannot accept about themselves. Maybe they have not yet developed the ability to manage their frustrations and you just happen to be there. Don’t play the victim, step aside and allow the negative vibration to flow right past you!

3. Constantly focusing on negativity such as what might go wrong or speculating about what other people think about you or have done to you. Instead be really aware of thinking better thoughts. Break your state by going out into nature, chatting with an inspiring person or reading something uplifting.

4. Overreacting to situations takes much energy and makes everyone nearby feel uncomfortable. If this is you, perhaps taking up a daily practice of meditation for a few minutes will help you to see the comments of others in a greater perspective, from their point of view. As you feel your blood pressure rising, take a deep breath, and tell yourself kindly that it is in your best interest to remain calm.

5. Feeling insecure about your looks, performance or actions and requiring constant reassurance can be draining on those around you. Have faith in yourself, develop a plan of action, seek quality support where needed and enjoy the journey of life. We are all work in progress!

6. Narrow mindedness or lack of perspective hinders our ability to connect with others and wish them well. Step in their shoes and show empathy. Remember whatever we want for others come back to us, so make you wishes positive, energising and worthwhile rather than mean and destructive!

Change these 6 unbalancing behaviors and you will see a positive change in your life!