4 Vital Steps Toward Success

4 vital steps toward success are explored below.

4 Vital Steps Toward Success: Why don’t People Get What They Want

Why is it that people often don’t get what they want? Here are 4 vital steps toward success for having it all and keeping you on track to having the life of your dreams.

1. Recognise the strategies you may be using currently, are not getting you the results you want and require some modifications. The evidence is showing up in your life right now! This may be seen in your health, career, finances or relationships. One form of insanity is said to be, doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Every cause has an effect!

You might be at a stage in your life where you are in transition from one lifestyle to the next. So you need to develop new strategies and skills to make the most of this new phase in your life. Life transitions can occur as part of a natural cycle or something sudden or unexpected. They may include losing a job or getting a new one, starting a new business, retiring from paid work, becoming a parent, children leaving home, a divorce, managing an illness or financial loss etc.

In the short term life may be a little uncomfortable with the change in strategies that you are making, but the benefit to you in the long term will be worth the extra effort.

2. Seek the help that you need to keep up the momentum to make positive changes to your life, though it may very easy to keep doing what you are doing. This is because your brain is on autopilot and stuck in a certain way of doing things. Even so, it may be starting to show up for you as being frustrating or exhausting.

Seek solutions from mentors and positive role models and spend time with them to see how they think and do things. Notice who you are following and note whether they are serving your or not. You may admire heroes who are adventurers, great story tellers, or good managers, counselors, friends, leaders, teachers, partners, or rescuers to name a few. What is it that attracts you to them?

Minimise time spent with negative people or those that keep you where you don’t want to be. Only share your new aspirations only with those that will support you, and not those that will try to crush your spirit, even if they mean well. They are often just trying to protect you from possible disappointment in the future.

Read great literature and inspirational texts including myths and stories about people who have overcome great obstacles, that will motivate you to get to where you want to go.

Take the time to access your inner genius. Never agree to your limitations and instead develop your potential. You are your best asset. You already have many skills that have gotten you to where you are today. What are they? You may be good at inventing things, writing, reading, comprehending situations, getting along with people and developing rapport, learning new things, making things, seeing things visually, seeking adventure or leading others. Be a source of inspiration and support for your team!

Observe what you are able to do easily and use those skills and that knowledge, to help you to move into the new paradigm that you are nurturing. If you lived for 1000 years what would the best version of you look like? Reflect upon that and incorporate it into your life.

Seek help from universal energy. Work within the universal laws and allow God or source energy to help you. You don’t have to go it alone!

3. Practice and discipline yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to becoming the best person you seek to be.

  • Be mindful and consciously in the moment.
  • Cultivate joy and give thanks for life as it is and as it will become with consistent, targeted effort by you.
  • Look after your physical body by eating nutritiously, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep.
  • Clarify your vision and primary focus, schedule think time and learn to say “NO” to others, when it does not align with where you want to go.
  • Note what you need to stop doing.
  • Set new goals and priorities, and action steps to achieve them.
  • Take one-step at a time, chunk down to avoid overwhelm and stay on course.
  • Develop the flexibility to adjust your path along the way to suit changing circumstances and new information.
  • Clear out the clutter both mentally and physically, and attend to unfinished business to free yourself for the new tasks.
  • Mentally rehearse seeing yourself as a hero of your life, doing the tasks you set out to do to enhance your life.
  • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and procrastination. (In therapy section of website, see Time Line therapy)
  • Ask for and graciously receive what you desire when it arrives.
  • Prepare for each day with written lists the night before.
  • Do a review of each day in the evening.
  • Keep a notebook with you and jot down ideas as they come to you or they may be lost forever.
  • Be mindful of your internal dialogue and when you catch yourself thinking, believing or saying something that holds you back, bring it back to your awareness, cancel it out, say, “STOP”, and substitute it for a better or more resourceful thought, belief or statement.
  • Take time out for quiet reflection, spiritual exercise or entertainment.
  • Avoid distractions as much as possible and simply bring yourself back to your primary focus, without stressing when it inevitably happens!
  • Look for signs that you are on the right track.
  • Celebrate your successes.
  • Follow your intuition and ask, “How can I perfect what I want to be, do or have?” or “How can I make this process or opportunity a joy?” or “What is opening up for me?”
    • 4. Develop the faith or tremendous desire to achieve what you set out to do and believe that it is possible. Everything needs to be as it is now so that you can move forward into the future that you want. Have the confidence to know that whatever you desire in the future, will happen without a doubt as long as you implement the right strategies. Faith is the balance between having the courage to take a different step forward and fear about taking that step.

      To stay in the direction that you want to go also requires passion and purpose to withstand the trials and tribulations that will inevitably come your way. Question yourself by inquiring, “Who will be served by what I do?”

      Change is simple. You just have to decide to do it, but it is not always easy. Enjoy the ride however bumpy at times, as it is all part of the process.It is possible to get the most insights when things are seemingly at their toughest. So the 4 vital steps toward success will be very helpful.

      Sometime soon you will be able to take the time to soak up the full spectrum of fortune in all areas of your life once you have assimilated the 4 vital steps toward success.