12 Golden Business Rules to Inspire You!

12 Golden business rules to win and keep clients will inspire you to foster and grow your business to the next level.

12 Golden Business Rules to Win and Keep Clients That Will Inspire You

1. Develop your vision

Why are you in business and how are you communicating this to your customer? Play your own game. Have you established your goals for 2013 yet? Look at current trends to anticipate future needs. Spend time in planning to save you time, energy and money later on. Prioritize your goals.

2. Demonstrate courage to survive and thrive

There will always be risks. Seek as much information as possible and say, “I can do it”. Have faith and confidence in your ability to do the job well. Overcome obstacles and seek mentors to assist you to do this.

3. Be committed and passionate

Show integrity, keep your promises and accept full responsibility for your actions. Believe in and know your products, services, company, customers and yourself. Have industry and pricing knowledge.

4. Be solution-oriented

Show humility if you are wrong and be a continuous learner. Avoid being blame oriented. Be a helper, friend, problem solver, and consultant rather than a sales person. Position yourself and ask, “ How do customers think about me? Do they trust me?”

5. Concentrate on the core activities that generate the income

Your outer world is reflected by your inner world. What are you thinking about most of the time? Focus your thoughts and minimize distractions. Write a “to do” list for the following day before you leave work every day.

6. Hire staff willing to work with you, and give their best effort

This will account for much of your business success. You will then be able to delegate key jobs to increase job efficiency in yourself and your staff. Learn to bring out the best in your people. Hire slowly and terminate quickly. Interview effectively. Set expectations and give regular feedback. Conduct regular staff development sessions.

7. Focus on the customer and know who is your ideal customer

Complacency will lose business. What age, gender, demographic and interests do they fall into? How can you best cater for their needs? What can you offer that similar businesses are not offering?

8. Communicate effectively with staff and customers

Show courtesy and respect. Listen to find out these challenges and seek to offer solutions. Remember everyone is an individual who sees things from their own point of view.

9. Develop rapport with staff and customers

Use positive gestures, postures and a friendly tone of voice. Train your staff to align with customer needs and reinforce with them the connection between sales and having a job.

10. Issue challenges to customers and staff inject fun and attract business

What promotions can you come up with to encourage interest in, and fascination with your business?

11. Team up with partners

What joint venture partners can I team up with to grown my business? What charities can I promote? If you have a mission bigger than yourself, you will be more likely to get patronage for your business.

12. Ask specific questions about your products and services:

What exactly is being sold and to whom is it being sold?
Why will customers prefer our products and services to that of our competitors?
How are customers to be identified and attracted?
How are they to be sold to and by whom?
How much are we going to charge?
How are we going to charge this amount?
How is the product going to be paid for?
How will our product or service be produced and delivered?
How will it be serviced and maintained?
How will all of these activities be monitored and managed?

Master 12 golden business rules to win and keep clients and you will master your business.