Why Work With Our Leadership, Performance, Breakthrough or Business Coach?

A one time offer for 5 lucky clients! 5 strategic alignment coaching sessions x 50 minutes each, for only $AUD500!

Hiring our coach will help you to stay accountable to your goals and aspirations, align your current lifestyle with your values and assist you to maximize your energy & potential!

Book a session that can be done by phone or in person.

Would you like to enhance your lifestyle? Perhaps you would like to have better health or more satisfying relationships, or earn more money or acquire greater amounts of energy? Maybe you would like to grow your business? You might also like to give up addictive behaviors that are keeping you playing small? Our life, values and breakthrough coach will assist you to align your values so that you are more effective and focused, both professionally and personally, and are then able  to be, do, have and know what you want.

Coaching will enable you to enhance your performance and improve your motivation by keeping you on track with your goals by expanding your vision and minimizing procrastination. It will increase your self-confidence and give you the skills to empower your relationships and resolve conflicts.

Clarity of mission, less overwhelm, making better decisions and moving beyond perceived limitations will also result from our coaching program.

For a short time only we are offering a complimentary coaching session!

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development Coaching will assist you to:

  • Enhance performance, sales & productivity
  • Build teams
  • Manage and develop projects
  • Develop presentation Skills
  • Enhance negotiation & conflict resolution skills
  • Manage time efficiently
  • Set and implement goals
  • Align corporate values

Who should attend?

You should, if you are an individual who:

  • Is unwilling to settle for anything less than your greatest potential
  • Knows you are capable of achieving more
  • Seeks more clarity in your direction and are committed to creating positive change
  • Wants to understand your own behaviour and the behaviour of others
  • Is part of a corporate culture
  • Is responsible for managing, leading or training others
  • Possesses entrepreneurial attributes
  • Has an empowering personality
  • Is aware your actions affect lots of people
  • Wants to move forward in your life
  • Has a keen sense of curiosity
  • Possesses long term flexible thinking
  • Is self-aware, responsible person with an insatiable appetite for learning
  • Is part of a sales team
  • Wants to inspire your colleagues with new challenges
  • Wishes to build an inventive energetic sales force
  • Has a strong desire to move your team from the ordinary to extraordinary

Rave Reviews

“GayeLouise provided amazing insights while providing me with action items to improve my leadership skills, team building and business building. I am thrilled with her coaching style and find Gaye to be an outstanding listener. I highly recommend her coaching program!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative. October 16, 2012. Laura Armbruster, KickIt Marketing.

“GayeLouise is a very professional person with a deep passion for her work. This is displayed when working with her and by the results that can be achieved. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.” Kevin Jeremy, InfinNet

GayeLouise O’Brien shares insights from her International Best-Selling book, “NLP Essentials for Teachers”. She is a Life and Business Coach, Passion Test Facilitator and Demartini Trained Method Facilitator, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Certified NLP Trainer. As a catalyst for transformational change, Gaye explores her journey in an inspirational, educational and entertaining way, with businesses and individuals who desire to make their greatest contribution to the planet and co-create a more enlightened world.