What is Coaching?

Coaching provides a simple and effective structure of support to assist clients with moving forward in a significant area of life: relationships, business, career, health, wealth, sport or spirituality. It is designed to create a great result for the client who invests in it.

It has been very popular over the years with sportspeople as it helps them to focus on their inherent potential to improve their individual performance. Often a coach has more ability to see where the performance needs to be enhanced and also enables the process to be accelerated.

Today it is used in business to improve profits and performance and with individuals to want to improve their lifestyle.

The Transformative Process includes:

1. Helping you see things in a different way and also expands your horizons.

2. Eliminates limitations such as limiting beliefs, behaviours and patterns that are not serving you.

3. Increase confidence, self-esteem, capabilities, competencies and capacities by encouraging accountability for actions.

4. Increase your ability to adapt to an ever changing environment by aligning your current values with your needs.

The Coach in Partnership with you acts as a:

1. Mentor to assist you to clarify and expand your vision for your future.

2. Manager to make you accountable for your actions and provide you with strategies to achieve your goals, and measure your targets and monitor your progress.

3. Personal Trainer to stretch you to move forward and focus on your goals, and identify and remove obstacles blocking your pathway by suggesting appropriate strategies.

4. Sports Coach who notices the finer points to help you improve and refine your game to achieve the best result for you.

An overview of NLP Coaching

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programmning. NLP is a study of human behavior that involves making positive changes to create excellence in your life. It is used extensively in business, sales, professions, education and with individuals.

Using Time Line Therapy in Coaching

Time Line Therapy uses the imagination to create desired outcomes and set goals. It is also useful for eliminating negative emotions and limiting beliefs  that may be hindering progress and reducing opportunities.

Using Hypnotherapy in Coaching

Hypnotherapy is useful in coaching as it allows the unconscious mind to release bad habits, negative emotions and blockages that may be holding you back.

GayeLouise  has certifications as an NLP Trainer, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Master Coach, Passion Test Facilitator and Demartini Trained Method Facilitator.