NLP Essentials For Teachers: Encouraging Excellence

NLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art of Encouraging Excellence in Your StudentsNLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art of Encouraging Excellence in Your Students investment is $29.99  for book. This includes postage & packaging, and access to over $2000 worth of bonus gifts!

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NLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art of Encouraging Excellence in Your Students

NLP Essentials for Teachers shows how to become an excellent teacher, leader, manager, trainer or parent and be empowered to create the results desired in a teaching career and with students! Does this sound hard to believe? Follow the strategies presented in this book, and adapt them to suit individual needs whilst cultivating a positive attitude to assimilating the ideas and techniques.

NLP Essentials for Teachers will enable you to discover how easy it is to:

  • Have more fun at school
  • Master your emotions
  • Learn more effective teaching strategies
  • Develop greater rapport
  • Use effective behaviour management strategies
  • Cater for a range of learning styles and for student with special needs
  • Learn to use a tool which assists with mastering spelling
  • Foster beliefs which promote learning
  • Access and use a wide range of scripts which promotes the use of effective language
  • Become more aware of how students learn and use that knowledge to teach students

NLP Essentials for Teachers Self Study Module

NLP Essentials for Teachers, the best-selling book, is enhanced by the self mastery module. The two together really help to accelerate learning of the concepts presented in the book.

If you are ready to take charge of your life, minimise  your stress, become more empowered and reduce burnout, this module and book are for you. Transform the way you think and the way you teach, rediscover the art of teaching, learn how to command respect, gain attention and communicate more effectively.

In this module you will discover:

  • How to become more resilient
  • Your core values
  • Your empowering and limiting beliefs
  • How to shift focus from a stuck negative emotions
  • Ways to work with expectations
  • How to become more self confident & boost self esteem
  • How to become more self disciplined & overcome procrastination
  • How to use stress for success

NLP Essentials for Teachers, Self Mastery Module + Half Hour Strategic Coaching for an investment of $97.00.

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NLP Essentials for Teachers rave reviews

GayeLouise O’Brien’s message is powerful! This innovative book unlocks the process of learning acceleration and explores the powerful connections of mind, body, actions and emotions. At your fingertips lies a NLP toolbox of skills and plethora of empowering beliefs designed to inspire those you lead.” Dr John Demartini – Founder of the Demartini Institute, Educator, International Best-Selling Author, Consultant.

“You’ve got to read this book! GayeLouise’s teachings will help you unlock knowledge you’re not yet capitalising on and will help you build skills to deliver your message clearly and with more impact. It’s engaging and GayeLouise knows her stuff. Highly recommended!” Loral Langmeier – 5 Times Best Selling Author, International Speaker & Money Expert.

“I think it should be mandatory that every teacher and educator reads this book. After all we go into the teaching profession to empower people and change lives. So shouldn’t we strive to know and use all of the tools available to connect, impact and influence. GayeLouise O’Brien, well done, and thank you for keeping it to the point and simple. An excellent read.” Dale Beaumont – CEO of Business Blueprint and Author of 16 Best-Selling Books.

“GayeLouise’s book is the complete guide for learning, understanding and applying NLP practices. She gives the most practical strategies to help motivate yourself, others and maximise potential. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is in a position of influence.” Peggy McColl – New York Times Best-Selling Author.

“What I see looks well researched, succinct yet potent and a great piece of work. Again congratulations on what is a great and important contribution to our field(s).” Michelle Duval, Inspiring international Master Coach, Speaker, Trainer and founding CEO of Equilibrio.

“As a father I want the teachers who are educating my children during the day to be top notch and this book provides some valuable tools for any educator. I was amazed at the amount of material placed in only 115 pages and was impressed with the practicality of the text itself. From beginning to end you are building a toolbox that you will be able to take with you into the classroom. I gave this book to my wife to read also (as she is a past teacher) and she loved the book saying that this was a book that she wished to have been given at the start of her teaching career. So whether you are a new teacher or someone who has been teaching for many years, this is a great resource to learn from and to share with others!” Dad’s Divas Blog.

“Dear Madam, Greetings from Mysuru, India. I am a retired teacher now helping teachers to understand complexities of classroom and children learning school subjects. This book of yours gives good anchoring to use NLP ideas in small schools where teachers are paid very low salaries.  It works towards a change.  I have read, reread and again reading 109 pages. Thanks for this contribution.” Cgnargaraja. Retired teacher.

“I’m not a teacher but I’ve always been interested in NLP. I found this to be an excellent intro that covers the basics in a clear, concise fashion and shows how NLP can be a resource to teachers and other educators. I appreciated the lack of padding and “fluff” one finds in so many books of this type. O’Brien’s book is straightforward, easy to read and user-friendly.” Jalaja Bonheim, Author, PHD.

“Thanks for writing the most practical book on teaching and classroom management I’ve read so far. Your chapters on building rapport and effective language are brilliant.” Marcus Amann, Student Teacher.

“Truly a go-to resource for every teacher wanting to reach her students. The book provides excellent tools and explains how effective NLP can be in the classroom and beyond into your personal life. Highly recommend for those instructors looking to vastly improve student communication and interaction.” Lauren Ryan, Editor.

“At last, a comprehensive guide on NLP techniques specially dedicated to teachers to empower their students and the learning process. In “NLP ESSENTIALS FOR TEACHERS: THE ART OF ENCOURAGING EXCELLENCE IN YOUR STUDENTS”, GayeLouise O’Brien shares with you powerful and effective techniques that will transform your teaching experience. You and your students will both be richly rewarded.”- Dr Olivier J. Becherel, senior scientist, Trainer of NLP, Speaker and Author of “Farewell to Anxiety” and “The Missing Guide for Students”.

 “NLP Essentials for Teachers’ has the potential to change your life! It will assist you to become a better teacher.  Gaye’s book delivers on practical knowledge and skills to promote success in the classroom for pre-service and experienced teachers.” Bill Blayney, Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education.

 “This is a very thought provoking book that will provide educators with a veteran teacher’s perspective, as well as classroom strategies and techniques that have been tried and proven to be effective. There have been many times when I have said, yes! That makes perfect sense…. I couldn’t or…. If only all educators understood this…” Anneda Nettleton, Editor and Teacher.

 “Here is a simple, practical manual which combines a brief summary of NLP programs and their creators along with sensible advice to any teacher, whether beginning or experienced, as to how to get the best out of their students and promote learning.” Glenis Cumming, English Teacher.

GayeLouise O’Brien comes from a deep personal experience with NLP and teaching. In NLP ESSENTIALS FOR TEACHERS: THE ART OF ENCOURAGING EXCELLENCE IN YOUR STUDENTS, she offers a creative and practical road map for creating a class room environment where excellent teaching and learning can take place. I urge anyone who wants to move to the next level in teaching to read this book.” Charlotte Hilding, Unstoppable Living.

“Neuro Linguistic Programing(I had no idea what it was before I read this book), means involving the 5 senses, to give meaning and order, and then to use it to achieve specific results. As GayeLouise O’Brien teaches in her book, NLP Essentials for Teachers, using this skill-set can help bring out the best in your students.

Since there are different types of learning methods, and using the one specific to each child can help them learn, O’Brien gives a step-by-step outline on what those different learning styles are. She even uses pictures to make it easier to understand.

Some people are extroverts, so O’Brien gives pointers on how they like to work. Some people are introverts and like to work in groups of 2-3 rather than the larger audience of the extroverts. Knowing this can help a teacher to break students into the kind of groups that will help them to learn better.

There are visual learners, kinaesthetic learners, auditory learners, and then there are students with ADHD, and dyslexia. O’Brien first teaches how to identify these different types of learners, and then she points out how best to teach them.

O’Brien talks about metaphors and how they can tell a story by creating pictures in the minds of students, evoking emotions which helps the student to both understand, and to remember the lesson better. Music do this so well which explains why some songs stick with us our entire lives.

I would highly recommend this book for both teachers, and also to parents who are really our children’s’ first teachers. One style of teaching does not fit all, but as O’Brien teaches, all of the different ways of learning can be incorporated into one classroom.” Robin Landry Singer/Songwriter.

“GayeLouise O’Brien’s wealth of experience in NLP is reflected in ‘NLP Essentials for Teachers’. I’m not a teacher but I’ve always been interested in NLP and this is a great intro that covers the basics in a clear, concise fashion. It shows how NLP can be a great resource to all educators.” Highly recommended! Christina Skytt, Coach & Best-Selling Author of “Power Goals”.

Great work. What a good resource.” Gina Mollicone-Long, Best selling author and Creator of GreatnessU.

“Very helpful”. Cynthia Lee Hall.

INCLUDES BONUS REPORT: “The 12 Secrets to Creating Excellence in Yourself”

GayeLouise O’Brien is a Peak Performance, Business & Executive Coach, NLP Corporate Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, Inspirational Speaker and International Best-Selling Author of “NLP Essentials for Teachers”. As a catalyst for transformational change, GayeLouise shares her insights in an inspirational, educational and entertaining way.

(B. Ed., Gr. Dip. [Res. T.], Dip. T., Cert. IV T.A.E.).