Find Your Flow with the 5 Keys To SUPER Inner Success

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Step-By-Step Guide To Change Your Brain And Empower Your Life

Being in flow and growing your unique potential is like an easy moving river.

GayeLouise O’Brien

Finding your flow and achieving success is determined by these critical areas: We’ll give you the “Blueprints” for them.

The Manifesting Modules provide an easy, systematic, convenient and self-paced way for you to study the laws and principles to move toward a more abundant life with –

  • Yourself – develop your personal power, confidence, esteem, self-awareness, creativity, motivation and discover the path of least resistance
  • Relationships – establish greater empathy, curiosity about others, patience and wisdom even in challenging situations
  • Health – promote physical and emotional healing, resiliency and well-being
  • Wealth – encourage possibilities, move from a mindset of lack to one of plenty
  • Career or business – develop natural talents, capacities, passions and productivity, build successful teams

The modules include:

  • Module I PDF – Sense & Vision
  • Module II – PDF – Utilise & Assess Current Reality, Values & Beliefs
  • Module III – PDF – Plan & Set Goals
  • Module IV – PDF – Energise & Take Action
  • Module V – PDF – Review & Self Mastery
  • Module VI – PDF – Addendum – Integrating Universal Laws for Success

Also included:

  • A talent profiling tool.
  • Strategies to allow for development of the necessary mindset for success and greater awareness of mind, body and spirit, including: questioning, affirmations, prayers, visualizations, meditations, and NLP techniques – anchoring and reframing.
  • Two texts: Adventures in Manifesting: Healing From Within” and “NLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art of Encouraging Excellence in Your Students”
  • 45 Minutes coaching to ask questions and encourage accountability for following through with the program
  • Three PDFs: “16 Keys to Manifesting”, “The 12 Secrets to Creating Excellence in Yourself” and “5 Keys to Inner Success”.
  • A series of audio interviews where GayeLouise O’Brien interviews global leaders about how they have overcome challenges to achieve success. You will be inspired to discover new ways to optimize your business or career or transition to a new lifestyle.


“Now I know what I need to do.” Kathy Holmes

To your success,

GayeLouise O’Brien  – NLP Trainer, Educator, Life, Business & Executive Coach, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Author – “NLP Essentials for Teachers”.