NLP Training – A Definition


Introduction to NLP training, neuro science, time line therapy and hypnotherapy



NLP shows how to effectively model useful strategies to get what is wanted in life by thinking the right thoughts, doing the right actions and managing the emotions.

Benefits of using NLP training & coaching

  • Use verbal and body language more effectively with self, family, friends and in business
  • Enhance relationships and health with techniques such as anchoring, parts integration, developing NLP assumptions and reframes
  • Develop rapport skills with matching and mirroring
  • Understand how the mind works and learn how to use it well
  • Discover effective negotiating and  sales techniques
  • Learn how to conduct an effective meeting
  • Set great goals for a more successful future
  • Adopt a physiology of excellence to do whatever you do already even better
  • Align personal values with those of business, career or corporate
  • Think more clearly
  • Manage your thoughts, moods and behaviors more effectively
  • Acquire skills and attitudes to do what you would like to do in the future and are unable to do just yet
  • Learn to be skilful at selling products and ideas
  • Become an empowering leader in your community
  • Be more skilled at your chosen sport or career
  • Become a very skilled life or business coach
  • Help children develop their self-esteem

An introductory course to the four modalities held over 2 days with handbook, hands-on activities and take home practice modules.

You will learn how to:

  • Inject more clarity and energy into your life so you become more resilient and perform at a higher level in life
  • Discover how to visualize a desired future so that’s its compelling and draws it to you
  • Change old negative thought patterns that are dragging you down for new, invigorated one that draws you forward to meet your goals
  • Calm the inner voices that dwell on the past or make you anxious about the future
  • Turn around procrastination and learn new ways to manage overwhelm
  • Master your mind rather than having your mind control you

NLP training (neuro-linguistic programming ) for practitioner certification

Receive certification as a NLP practitioner in this 4 day course with comprehensive manual and follow-up support.

NLP training topics:

  • NLP assumptions
  • NLP Communication Model
  • Rapport building – creating instant liking and agreement
  • Representational systems – using the five senses to represent internally the information from the world around us
  • Submodalities – finding our how the mind encodes information
  • Anchoring – how to control your feelings and your state of mind
  • Language patterns – the words we use tell others  what we are like, Milton Model and Meta Model
  • Strategy detection, elicitation, utilisation and installation to control your mental sequence of internal processes to get what you want
  • Parts – stop inner conflicts
  • Switching pattern to change ineffective behavior
  • Meeting format
  • Negotiating and influencing
  • Frames – reframes in content or context, preframes, outframes, problem frames, ‘as if’ frame,   contrast, relevancy
  • Five step sales process
  • Values elicitation and changing values
  • Changing beliefs from limiting to empowering
  • Preferred learning styles for more effective learning and predicates
  • Emotional states for learning and self control
  • Family Therapy Model