NLP Essentials for Teachers




NLP Essentials for Teachers shows how to become an excellent teacher, leader, manager, trainer or parent and be empowered to create the results desired in a teaching career and with students! Does this sound hard to believe? Follow the strategies presented in this book, and adapt them to suit individual needs whilst cultivating a positive attitude to assimilating the ideas and techniques.

NLP Essentials for Teachers will enable you to discover how easy it is to:

  • Have more fun at school
  • Master your emotions
  • Learn more effective teaching strategies
  • Develop greater rapport
  • Use effective behaviour management strategies
  • Cater for a range of learning styles and for student with special needs
  • Learn to use a tool which assists with mastering spelling
  • Foster beliefs which promote learning
  • Access and use a wide range of scripts which promotes the use of effective language
  • Become more aware of how students learn and use that knowledge to teach students