Mastermind Today for Success – Full Investment




Are you ready to increase your profits and be exposed to new ideas?

Would you like to network with others who are ready to grow their business? Being in business can be lonely and studies prove that working in a group enables the mind to see more expansive possibilities.

Most successful entrepreneurs belong to a Mastermind group. Such a group meets regularly to become better at what they are doing by sharing knowledge, ideas and skills so as to solve complex challenges.

The Mastermind will significantly grow your business

Wouldn’t it be great to brainstorm with others who have complementary skills to yours? Or perhaps you’d like to share with others your unique capacities, diverse experiences and get reinforcement for what you already know.

A mastermind group gives you a safe, supportive place in which to grow and keeps you accountable and on track with your goals. It also greatly increases your network opportunities.

How the mastermind group works

  • The group meets for 9 months
  • Fortnightly meetings by phone, skype or in person
  • 3 full day workshops through the year with course materials
  • Group charter and guidelines

Examples of possible mastermind topics

  • Mindset for success & excellent business practices
  • Goal setting & eliminating limiting beliefs
  • Resources – partners & staff, finance, systems & technology
  • Your ideal customer, sales process, referrals & testimonials
  • Your story, brand, marketing & Media