Teachers Excellence Workshop

Teachers Excellence Workshop will help you plan a training session for teachers?
A program planned for you with follow-up consultation only $375!

Teachers Excellence Workshops to Revitalise you

Teachers excellence workshops are designed to revitalise and reenergise you and assist you with the following:

  • Know students and how they learn
  • Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning strategies
  • Create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments
  • Engage in professional learning
  • Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community.

 Teachers Excellence Workshops will help you to discover how easy it is to:

  • Become a superb teacher
  • Have greater control of your life
  • Have more flow in your day
  • Enjoy the school day more
  • Manage your emotions more effectively
  • Foster values and beliefs that support students’ learning
  • Assist students to obtain better results at school
  • Learn more effective teaching strategies
  • Develop greater rapport with your students
  • Use language more effectively in the classroom
  • Create better behavior management skills
  • Be more aware of the learning styles of students

“It was an incredible experience to have GayeLouise come in and visit us. I learned so much and believe that her words have influenced me to become a more successful teacher.” Jacob Borich, Rockhampton

GayeLouise O’Brien is an Internationally recognised Transformational Leader & Workshop Facilitator,  Inspirational Speaker, Passion Ignitor, International Best-Selling Author of “NLP Essentials for Teachers”, Breakthrough Specialist, Peak Performance, Business & Executive Coach, NLP Corporate Trainer, Hypnotherapist, and  Time Line Therapist. As a catalyst for transformational change, GayeLouise shares her insights in an inspirational, educational and entertaining way.