Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy to develop full potential

At New Life Solutions, our coaching philosophy is that we believe that we are put on this earth to develop our full potential and that everyone has a glorious future waiting for them. It simply awaits to be discovered! Founder GayeLouise O’Brien believes it is important to grow and attract what you want with education and support from mentors, coaches and alliances.

Our coaching is based on experience in Breakthrough Coaching, Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

She is pictured this with human potential expert Dr. John Demartini.

“Embrace Your Personal Power And Move Forward Each Day With A Clear Intention To Do Good In The World”

GayeLouise O’Brien


Coaching philosophy assists to develop full potential in the following ways:

  • As we makes plans, and explore our values, beliefs and talents, we move toward what we want and away from what we don’t want. Our coaching philosophy and program will enable you to fulfil the dream of creating a bigger vision for your personal and professional areas of your life and transforming that vision into reality, because as humans we naturally want to make a positive contribution to our community or organization.
  • Creatively exploring your future, igniting peak performance in relationships, business, wealth and health, is what we want to do once we get going we get into our zone. We then become unstoppable.
  • Breaking through any addictive or limiting behaviours can all be a part of the process.
  • Developing our full potential becomes contagious as other want to join us on our journey.