GayeLouise O’Brien speaks about “Getting Into Flow” with Sandra Graves.          

“Focus on feeling good thoughts throughout the day to attract great things into your life.” ~ GayeLouise O’Brien   Feeling sorry for yourself rather than making use of feedback, to learn and create a better future for yourself and others, is ineffective. Complaining and disempowering body language saps the energy of others as well as [...]

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GayeLouise O'Brien interviews Tanii Carr writer, speaker TV producer and relationships expert on "Passionate About Possibilites". The show explores several ways to enhance the quality of your relationships so that it’s a win-win for everyone. Increased positivity and confidence in your social life will give you greater energy to create a better lifestyle and contribute [...]

GayeLouise O’Brien interviews Irma Jennings on “Passionate About Possibilities”, optimizing your bone health ABC Radio interviews GayeLouise O’Brien about Rediscovering the Passion in Your Life.

Many people seek out a coach when they are unsure of how to do something, are fearful of overcoming a challenge or feel like something is stopping them. Most people want to achieve a higher level of success in their lives and this can be attained with the services of a coach. Coaching provides a [...]

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin Mentoring is available in many organizations to foster relationships and skill development, increase self-confidence, and enhance performance and productivity. In my professional career, as a coach and trainer I have had many mentors that have provided [...]

Rapport happens where two or more people mutually like and feel comfortable being around one another. As we all desire connection with others, developing rapport is an essential element of having a successful life. Being in rapport helps us to feel joyful, share our experiences, overcome our challenges and achieve our goals. You will already [...]

Why is it that people often don’t get what they want? Here are some ideas for keeping you on track to having the life of your dreams. 1. Recognize the strategies you may be using currently, are not getting you the results you want and require some modifications. The evidence is showing up in your [...]