The 5 Keys to SUPER Inner Success will allow the resonating within a natural frequency and magical flow. It also fosters the development of full potential, and leading the life meant to be led. The webinar gives step-by-step the 5 Keys to SUPER Inner Success, for achieving greater flow, productivity, harmony and success in life [...]

“Getting Into Flow” with Sandra Graves and GayeLouise O’Brien. GayeLouise O’Brien is an Internationally recognised Transformational Leader & Workshop Facilitator,  Inspirational Speaker, Passion Ignitor, International Best-Selling Author of “NLP Essentials for Teachers”, Breakthrough Specialist, Peak Performance, Business & Executive Coach, NLP Corporate Trainer, Hypnotherapist, and  Time Line Therapist. As a catalyst for transformational change, GayeLouise shares her insights in an [...]

“6 Behaviours to Focus on. Think good thoughts throughout the day to attract great things into your life.” ~ GayeLouise O’Brien 6 Behaviours that can interrupt your flow. Have you ever been thrown off balance by your own state of mind? Enjoy these tips that will give you a fresh perspective on how to overcome [...]

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GayeLouise O’Brien interviews Tanii Carr writer, speaker TV producer and relationships expert on “Passionate About Possibilites”. The show explores several ways to enhance the quality of your relationships so that it’s a win-win for everyone. Increased positivity and confidence in your social life will give you greater energy to create a better lifestyle and contribute [...]

GayeLouise O’Brien interviews Irma Jennings on “Passionate About Possibilities”, optimizing your bone health ABC Radio interviews GayeLouise O’Brien about Rediscovering the Passion in Your Life.

7 Reason to Hire a Coach explains why to hire a coach.Many people seek out a coach when they are unsure of how to do something, are fearful of overcoming a challenge or feel like something is stopping them. Most people want to achieve a higher level of success in their lives and this can [...]

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin Mentoring is available in many organizations to foster relationships and skill development, increase self-confidence, and enhance performance and productivity. In my professional career, as a coach and trainer I have had many mentors that have provided [...]

Rapport happens where two or more people mutually like and feel comfortable being around one another. As we all desire connection with others, developing rapport is an essential element of having a successful life. Being in rapport helps us to feel joyful, share our experiences, overcome our challenges and achieve our goals. You will already [...]