New Life Solutions is passionate about helping people become all they can be. GayeLouise brings with her a wealth experience from the business, education, media and health sectors and currently hosts the radio show, “Passionate About Possibilities”.

“Co-create meaningful experiences in a more enlightened world by motivating businesses and individuals to make their greatest contribution to the planet and to adopt a positive and open mindset towards everything they do.” ~ Mission Statement

NLS acknowledges how busy life can be and is dedicated to enabling you to walk away with the necessary mindset, tools, systems and support to create a rewarding lifestyle, business or career that you are proud to promote and talk about to your friends, family, clients and the world.

NLS is a catalyst for transformational change in business. GayeLouise O’Brien coaches, speaks with and provides leadership workshops to companies to enhance their performance by increasing their customer base, maximizing their profits and systematizing their business to reduce time spent in the business. She is very aware of the challenges that businesses face, and skilfully coaches corporations and small businesses around the world to navigate a pathway toward their goals, dreams and aspirations so they can show their magnificent selves to the world.

NLS offers a professional, tailored, unique, “5 Keys To Inner Success” process that is reasonably priced and includes: personal coaching, live events & on-line programs for individuals and organizations. People who have big dreams for the future are empowered to develop their highest potential, by discovering their passions, values & beliefs, discarding their limiting beliefs and implementing stress reduction, time management, and goal setting techniques to embrace peak performance in their lives, relationships, business and health.

Clients who attend our coaching programs or workshops enjoy the small-group environment, and are able to make long-term positive changes to their business or life as long as they stay committed to the process. The programs are also fully guaranteed.

“Today I found inspiring. I am excited about the changes I will achieve in order to improve and fulfil my life’s desires.” Michelle Kraatz

“I have gained skills in realizing what I want and how to get it.” Kayleen Clark.

The Birth Of New Life Solutions

New Life Solutions was founded in 2008, after GayeLouise experienced stress of her role as a Leading Teacher and Manager in the Teaching and Training Profession. She recognized that there must be an easier way to be more productive in the workplace, communicate more effectively, develop better rapport and manage conflicts. She studied as an NLP Trainer and wrote a best selling book. Gaye found the techniques to be very effective with managing emotions, elevating energy levels and getting along better with others.

GayeLouise resigned from her successful career to establish her own business as she felt that this would give her greater flexibility in assisting other to make the necessary changes to improve their lives. Many mentors have assisted her to develop her eclectic approach.

GayeLouise O’Brien is a fully qualified and certified Life, Business & Executive Coach, NLP Trainer, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist and International Best-Selling Author of NLP Essentials for Teachers”.